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Located: Moravia, NY
Long range shooting and reloading. Tinker at old tractors and junk... Winter sports (not so much anymore). My other (real) job is processing sand and gravel, producing aggergates and asphalt for highways and the construction industry.
02 John Deere 4400, 430loader, 48BH, Pronovost P680 blower and many other 3ph things and other toys. New Ferris IS500 Zturn 44" for trimming between and around stuff. New 60" Ferris Z WOW what a time saver!
100hp turbo charged homemade wood splitter, still a work in progress. It now has a log lift.
Cut old dump truck up made a tandem axle dump trailer powered by a 11hp Honda dug out of dumpster.

Other 2 cylinder tractors HD Heritage HD CVO Ultra
Mowing/trimming 2.5 acres, general chores, small excavation, wood cutting (burn a face cord a week during winter), landscaping plus what-ever-else comes up. Quarter mile of driveway plus parking areas to maintain plus remove snow.

We have wild geese and our own ducks and geese on the pond.
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