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Located: NW Oregon
Tree farming, home automation & security systems, realtime embedded programming with the QNX operating system, collecting and restoring pinball machines, all things mechanical (unless it has a Honda engine in which case I'd rather take it to the dump)
2003 JD 4310 MFWD, eHydro, Dual SCV valves and 3rd, 4th, and 5th SCVs, Power Beyond, loaded R1s (replaced R4s which had lousy traction in our clay soil), 430 loader w/HD bucket and cutting edge, 47 backhoe, Borgford BoDozer grapple, Borgford Handi Hauler carry-all, Top and Tilt, iMatch, MX5 rotary cutter, Frontier 72" box blade, Bad River 3-pt hitch to 2" receiver adapter, Jinma chipper, and a Brush Bandit 150XP chipper.
15 acres of dense douglas and noble firs. Our land is a Christmas tree farm that has run amok. Besides the normal tree thinning, cutting, and stumping work the current projects are building a set of terraced retaining walls and constructing a one mile trail through the forest. The next project is clearing land and building a steel building to house all the equipment.
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